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Individual Income Tax

Individual Income Tax

When it comes to a personal income tax return, you need extra support to prepare a tax report. It is because a small business is not often fully supported by operation teams like corporations do. Working with ARA TAX enables you experience a transparent tax filing process, minimizing your burden on preparing statutory documents. 

Examples of our professional services delivered to individuals with registered business in Korea are the following:

  • Preparations and filing of personal income tax returns
  • Representation in communication with the local tax offices
  • Adjustment of taxable income by Korean Tax Law
  • Ongoing tax advice on regular and extraordinary issues that may have an impact on business
  • Year-end closing
  • Support during tax audits and representation by tax inspection

You work as a 3.3% freelancer in Korea, and you would like to get professional help on the present and previous years' tax filing; feel free to contact us. We make your tax filing process easy and painless so that you can save your time and effort.

Value Added Tax 

VAT is often overlooked by new business owners. It is only after the business owners receive tax bills with a penalty when they reach us to fix the problem.  Value Added Tax(or VAT) levied on the sale of goods or services in Korea. Businesses who are VAT-registered must charge their customers 10% on the goods or services they are selling and then pay VAT to National Tax Service every six months.

National Tax Service recommends all registered businesses issue an electronic tax invoice or a cash receipt. VAT data is reported and maintained almost on a real-time basis in Hometax and inconsistency of VAT filing can trigger a tax investigation by the tax office.

At ARA TAX, with our in-depth knowledge and experience of advising cross-border transactions, we can help you establish a strong foothold not only on local but also on the global market. Examples of our professional services for VAT related issues are the following:

  • VAT registrations for new businesses
  • VAT filing and compliance with local VAT law
  • VAT reclaim and refund
  • VAT risk management
  • VAT return for a liaison office of a global company


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I've been lucky to come across Ara in one of our shared group. She answered all my taxes questions with speed and clarity. She put me at ease and gave me peace of mind on this complex topic (as a foreigner in Korea) Thanks again Ara.

- Client, Senior Product Manager at Coupang

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I have been using HanaTax for my business in Korea for about 2 years. Ara and her team have always been professional, responsive, and efficient in their work. I would recommend Ara to anyone looking to do business in Korea.

- Client, Founder and CEO at Altcoin Advisors

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