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Payroll & Withholding Tax

ARA TAX provides HR and finance teams with all information required so that they can make well-informed decisions.  At ARA TAX, we prepare a monthly payroll report which contains gross salary, salary income tax, and updated social insurance premiums.  We suggest solutions that guarantee full compliance with the applicable legislation requirements.

ARA TAX payroll service features the following:

  • Monthly filing of employee’s salary income tax and freelancer’s withholding tax
  • Social insurance administration including enrollment of a new employee and a withdrawal of a resigning employee to the social insurance
  • Annual salary income tax settlement of employees in February
  • Perform statutory reporting to social insurance organizations such as health insurance and national pension.
  • Provide withholding tax advisory on overseas payments such as royalty, dividend, and interest expense based on knowledge of international tax treaties.

Building up trust with employees starts from a transparent and well-managed payroll system. Make your team feel supported by the company.


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I've been lucky to come across Ara in one of our shared group. She answered all my taxes questions with speed and clarity. She put me at ease and gave me peace of mind on this complex topic (as a foreigner in Korea) Thanks again Ara.

- Client, Senior Product Manager at Coupang

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I have been using HanaTax for my business in Korea for about 2 years. Ara and her team have always been professional, responsive, and efficient in their work. I would recommend Ara to anyone looking to do business in Korea.

- Client, Founder and CEO at Altcoin Advisors

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